・ Regarding payment

Q. What are the payment methods?
A.Currently credit cards (VISA, MASTER, AMEX), Apple pay, Google pay,It is compatible with amazon pay. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.

・ Regarding returns, exchanges and cancellations

Q. Can I return or cancel?
A. In principle, we do not accept cancellation of orders due to customer's convenience, including mistakes in orders.

Q. Is it possible to exchange products?
A.Except for initial defects, we do not accept exchanges or returns of products.
We accept replacements due to initial defects within 5 days of delivery. contact Please contact us with a picture of the product that is judged to be defective from the page. If there is no exchangeable item due to sold out, we will refund it. We cannot accept exchanges or returns after wearing for any reason. Please note.

・ About the product

Q. Is it okay to take a bath while wearing the product?
A. For long-term use, we recommend that you always remove it when washing your hands or taking a bath.

Q. Please tell me how to care for it.
A. Be sure to remove it when washing your hands or taking a bath, and wipe it gently with a soft cloth after use.
Please note that strong rubbing or irritation may cause deterioration.

Q. Is it possible to reserve the product?
A. Excuse me, but we do not accept reserves.

Q.When will you get new stock?
A. The restocking of sold-out items, excluding ordered items, is undecided. When it is back in stock, we will notify you on Instagram each time, so please check the latest information from there.

・ About delivery

Q. Please tell me the shipping method.
A. It will be delivered by post mailing. Please note that you cannot specify the date.

Q. How much is the shipping fee?
A. It will be 500 yen nationwide. Free shipping on purchases over 7,000 yen.

Q. Are there any areas where delivery is not possible?
A. We can deliver all over Japan. At this stage, we are not shipping overseas.

Q. How soon will it arrive?
A. In principle, regular products will be shipped within 5 business days. For reserved products, please check the scheduled time listed on each product page.
In addition, if you purchase a regular product and a reserved product at the same time, we will send them together according to the shipping period of the reserved product.

* If you order products with different delivery times at once,We will ship when all the products are ready.Customers who wish to ship separately should place an order separately.

Q. I have already shipped the item, but I haven't received it for more than 2 weeks.
A. It will be posted to the post, so please check if it is posted to the post first. If it is not posted to the post, a delivery accident may be the cause. We will investigate here, socontact Please contact us.

Q. I would like to check the delivery status.
A. In the delivery completion emailYou can check the current shipping status from the tracking number provided. It may take some time for the tracking number to be reflected, so please check the shipping completion email after a while.

Q. I want to change my address.
A. Please fill in the order number and correct address in the order completion email.contactPlease contact us. As a general rule, please contact us within 12 hours after ordering to change your address.

・ Other

Q. I haven't received the order completion email.
A. There is a possibility that the registered e-mail address is incorrect. Please fill in the full name and correct email address that you wrote when you purchased.contactPlease contact us.
This e-mail is automatically sent by the junk e-mail prevention function.It may have been sorted to junk mail boxes or trash cans.We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.